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How to lose weight?

Russian version I lost 45-50kg. Let me share my story. Eat less, move more



First of all I googled couple of a calorie calculator. I tracked my diet: food weight & calories. I received information about my total daily energy expenditure - how many calories I consumed per day. After that:

  1. I slightly decreased my diet.
  2. I looked at my weight.
  3. Di it decrease? NO - go to step #1.
  4. I found daily balance between my activity & diet.

Nothing special, just math:

X = D + A - C

Х should be less than 200 calories per day. It means that you should move more for 200 calories than eat.

Eat less, move more

More details

  1. On one hand you don’t have to reduce your diet more than for 200 calories, but on the other hand if you do it, you might feel bad because it is stressful for your body.
  2. Stress is not allowed!!!
  3. It means that you should not break your casual diet at once. It should be continuous process of changes.
    • In my case it took about 2-3 months.
    • Eat healthy food
    • Read composition of a meal and nutrition facts.
    • Remove fat, sugar, all-purpose flour, fast carbohydrates food.
      • crisp, cookies, fizzy water, alcohol.
    • Eat 4-7 times per day.
    • Increase count of meat, fruits, vegetables, cellulose fiber in your diet.
      • meat = chicken, beef, rabbit, horse, turkey. It must be roasted without any oil or boiled.
    • Process of decreasing total daily energy expenditure must not be quick.
      1. Write weight down.
      2. Calculate current Total daily energy expenditure.
      3. Eat 3-7 days T - 200 calories.
      4. If weight doesn’t decrease, GOTO step #1.
      5. Wait some days with the same T, just to check.
    • You shouldn’t lose more than 1.2kg per week.
  4. Weight with the same conditions, i.e. just after wake up.
  5. Kitchen scale is your best friend.
  6. Keep calm and be patient. Be determinated.
  7. Total daily energy expenditure for a white collar is 1800 calories.
  8. After you finish spent some months for step by step increasing calories per day.